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February 2018

The Social Issue  Building community, audiences clientele through face to face and online networks. How is social media changing who gets seen, who gets hired, and the types of assignments clients are making? // GEAR ROUNDUP: Cases & Bags // CONTEST: Adrenaline: Sports & Action Photography

11/29/2017 12/6/2017 12/28/2017 1/16/2018
March 2018

ADVERTISING  How photographers and photographers-turned-directors are adapting their gear, workflow and productions to suit the demands of today’s clients. Plus: Landing your first advertising assignment, and how to maintain repeat business. // GEAR ROUNDUP: Affordable 4K Cinema Cameras // CONTEST: Ultimate Music Moment: Music & Concert Photography

1/3/2018 1/10/2018 2/2/2018 2/13/2018
April 2018

PDN’s 30  The editors’ choice of new and emerging photographers to watch. This must-have issue provides insights on how photographers are launching careers in today’s competitive market, with advice on how new photographers can learn the business. // GEAR ROUNDUP: Studio Management Software

1/29/2018 2/5/2018 3/2/2018 3/20/2018
May 2018

Photo Book Publishing  The ins and outs on getting a book published or self-published. Includes insights on publishers and the task of marketing your finished project. // GEAR ROUNDUP: Best Prime Lenses // CONTEST: Objects of Desire: Still-Life Photography

3/7/2018 3/14/2018 4/2/2018 4/24/2018
June 2018

PHOTO ANNUAL  Featuring our juried selection of the best photos of the year, this issue also features trends in photography and profiles on industry leaders. // GEAR ROUNDUP: Great Location Lighting Gear // CONTEST: Photo Annual: The #1 Photography Competition of the Year

4/4/2018 4/11/2018 5/2/2018 5/22/2018
July 2018

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY  A look at trends in this popular genre, including technical, legal and ethical information. // GEAR ROUNDUP: Stabilizers, Tripods and Gimbals // CONTEST: Exposure Award

5/2/2018 5/9/2018 6/1/2018 6/19/2018
August 2018

FINE-ART PHOTOGRAPHY ISSUE  Valuable insights into the business of marketing and selling fine-art prints to collectors. // GEAR ROUNDUP: Photo-Editing Software // CONTEST: The Curator: Fine-Art Photography

5/30/2018 6/6/2018 6/29/2018 7/17/2018
September 2018

PORTRAITS  A must-read for any photographer: Including tips on lighting under all conditions, gaining access, winning the subject’s trust, directing subjects and licensing images. // GEAR ROUNDUP: Top High-Resolution Cameras // CONTEST: The Look: Fashion & Beauty Photography

7/2/2018 7/9/2018 8/3/2018 8/21/2018
October 2018

Learning from Legends  Advice on a range of topics from influential veteran photographers in every field. // GEAR ROUNDUP: Must-Have Photo Accessories // CONTEST: Storytellers: Documentary & Narrative Photography

8/1/2018 8/8/2018 8/31/2018 9/18/2018
November 2018

Post Production  Covering everything photographers and their clients care about after the image is captured, from editing and retouching to delivery. // GEAR ROUNDUP: Mobile Photography Gear // CONTEST: Taste: Food Photography

8/29/2018 9/5/2018 10/5/2018 10/23/2018
December 2018

Body & Fitness  How fine-art, editorial and commercial photographers meet challenges in fitness, beauty and nude photography. Plus: Notable Photo Books 2018. // GEAR ROUNDUP: Analog + Digital: New Films/Film Cameras, Scanners, Printers // CONTEST:World In Focus: Travel Photography

9/29/2018 10/6/2018 11/5/2018 11/21/2018
January 2019

Innovative Products  // GEAR ROUNDUP: Great Plugins for Photoshop and Lightroom // CONTEST: Faces: Portrait Photography

10/31/2018 11/7/2018 11/30/2018 12/18/2018
February 2019

Still Life  // GEAR ROUNDUP: Camera Bags & Cases // CONTEST: Adrenaline: Sports & Action Photography

11/28/2018 12/5/2018 12/27/2018 1/15/2019